Cooperating with Other Road Users Key in Responsible Lorry Driving

The Australian roads, especially the ones at city centers can be very busy so it’s always important to cooperate and work with others to keep the steady flow of traffic and avoid accidents. It’s always best to remember that the road is for public use, and should never be seen as a personal playground. This is the reason why you should always scan the road ahead before reversing or driving to collect information about the route. And due to the size of the goods vehicle which can be intimidating to some drivers, it’s best that you are considerate of the other drivers and their space on the road. Showing courtesy can definitely go a long way in keeping the busy roads safe at all times.

Watch Out for Vulnerable Road Users

One of the most responsible things to do when driving the lorry is watching out for vulnerable road users. These are your motorcyclists and cyclists who are expected to some things different to vehicle drivers. Also, operators of the lorry and heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) may also use a different position on the road. If you are driving a much larger vehicle, it’s recommended that you give these road users plenty of space.

Aside from cyclists and motorcyclists, you should also pay attention to children who may run into the road. Pay close attention when reversing since kids may run into the parking lot to play. Also, you should pay attention to the elderly who may not be able to react immediately to traffic due to poor hearing or eyesight.

Other drivers may also not realize that your lorry will need more space to maneuver especially when using the junction. Make sure to check other vehicles that may get into your blind spot when making a turn.

Other Things to Keep in Mind When Driving Through Traffic

There are other special things to keep in mind when operating the lorry in a stream of traffic. If you are in the middle of a traffic stream, make sure to check the traffic ahead, behind, and even beside you. Always maintain a safe distance with the vehicle in front. And finally, it would be best if you can always anticipate problems on the road so you can slow down at the right time.

Driving your lorry without care and attention on the road is an actual offense and you can be reprimanded by authorities. But more than the paper reports, irresponsible driving can lead to injuries, damages to properties, or even loss of life. When driving a lorry, it pays to drive responsibly, and always cooperate with other road users.