Cameras that keep you safe while driving

Cameras are now everywhere, times have passed when we could not own them. Today, they are on our phones and we can capture beautiful moments easily.

Cars are the same, they require cameras that will help them stay safe on the roads.  From reversing cameras to night vision cameras, you ought to learn what each camera does and why it’s important to have them.

Reversing cameras

Also known as parking cameras they have been used since early 2000.  Today, new vehicles are coming already fitted with these cameras as it is mandatory to have them by 2018.  They are equipping every driver with the ability to park and reverse with ease.

Reversing cameras come with their own dedicated screen that informs the driver of the happenings around the vehicle.  Having a clear view of what is behind you clearly gives you a significant advantage when backing up.  Today if your vehicle lacks the reversing cameras you can still install them easily at PPA Car Audio.

Blind spot monitoring

These cameras are installed on the door mirrors which is able to scan the blind spots and through its computer-based system analyze these images.  Once a blind spot is detected, a red light appears on the windscreen warning you of the pending danger.  The blind spot monitoring cameras use sensors on the back of the car to warn you of oncoming vehicles

Night vision cameras

Night vision cameras are becoming a common option for many who want to be safe both day and night.  These cameras allow you to see your rear clearly in the dark and warn you of any looking danger or blind spot.  Any object detects will clearly reflect as a white object that you can clearly tell what it is making it easier for you to drive safely in the dark.